Monday, August 31, 2015

Love It!!!

Tonight while I was making dinner, Lauryn asked if I could put some music on.  She said, "We really should listen to music in the kitchen more."  She's absolutely right!  We used to be in the habit of cranking up the music daily, while making dinner, laughing, singing and dancing.  I'm not sure how we fell out of that habit but we need to bring it back.  Both Lauryn and Lucas like to pretend they're playing instruments when we're "rocking out" in the kitchen (or in the car...wherever really :) ), and I think that makes it that much more fun.  They don't go too far out with it, pretending to stomp on a tu2, although Lauryn did play air trombone once!  Whatever air instrument we're playing, we have fun and it needs to make a comeback!

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